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Top of the Pops!

This evening, some friends of mine and I decided to take in a show. A British Rock/Pop show. And who better to put on said show than Art Brut? Anyone that really knows me knows the love I have for Art Brut's music.

Last fall, Bryce, Pineapple and myself headed to the District of Columbia to see Art Brut play alongside Tokyo Police Club and The Spinto Band. It was wonderfully energetic show and if I hadn't already been hooked by the first album, this show would have made me a fan for life. Unlike a lot of bands, Art Brut and especially their lead singer, Eddie Argos, do not take themselves too seriously. Eddie usually ends up jumping rope with the mic cord and can be spotted easily thanks to a pair of thick eyebrows and dress socks (no shoes). He urges his listeners to "Form A Band," which could mean any number of things as long as you're out having fun and doing what you love. Earlier this year, I found myself in Liverpool, England with Bryce Remsburg on what so happened to be a free night(?!?!). It just so happened that a 20 minutes of walking, from our hotel, would lead us to an Art Brut/Maximo Park show! As luck would have it, the show had been sold out for weeks. Piss.

That brings up to October 23, 2007. I enlisted then accompaniment of my Ring of Honor agent, Larry Sweeney, referee Bryce Remsburg and everyone's favorite bum Pineapple Andy to head toward the TLA in downtown Philly. Demander opened and The Hold Steady headlined but the middle act is what got our money.

I happen to have a few students that work the Philly area concerts. I boxed up some shirts, DVDs and pins in hope that, somehow, the package would make it's way backstage. I definitely had some good luck tonight.

As Art Brut took the stage, one of my shirts was hung on a speaker, most of the band members had my pins on and the drummer Mikey actually wore one of my shirts. They went on to put on yet another wonderfully fun show. I took some pictures and went to check out what kind of merch they had. They were kind enough to throw me some shirts and met with us for a bit of conversation. They said that they enjoyed wrestling and went on to mention the likes of Macho Man, Jimmy Snuka, the Bushwhackers and the unforgettable duo of Doink and Dink (?!?). We got some pictures and they were extremely friendly. The band went out of their way to make sure that each of us had a good time. I really hope they achieve the fame and fortune that I believe they deserve. What a fun night. Demander was surprising and The Hold Steady were wonderful

If you haven't heard of them, I recommend the tracks Emily Kane, Good Weekend, Bad Weekend, Nag Nag Nag Nag, Post Soothing Out and Modern Art.

The pics are up on MySpace -

AB is on MySpace -

Thanks to Slade and Christian. Thanks to everyone reading this. And thanks to Art Brut for putting on fantastic shows.

Oh, and even Eddie Argos thinks that Virgil is a loser. "He never even won a belt...." I couldn't make it up if I tried.

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