Chris Hero (chrishero) wrote,
Chris Hero

These Will Be Ours

***August 15th: ROH World Tag Team Champions Austin Aries & Roderick Strong had their belts mysteriously returned to them before the Liverpool show. They left their locker room and when they returned the belts were on their lugguge with a note that said "these will be ours." An investigation has been launched to find out who was behind this.***

Well boys, I guess the cat is out of the bag.  No need for any further investigation.  There's also no further need for underestimation.  Claudio and myself are capable of doing whatever we put our mind to.  We got the belts, snuck them over to the UK and returned them without a single, solitary soul being any wiser.  Damn, we're good.

When I left that note, I wrote "These will be ours." It wasn't a threat.  I would even go as far to say that it was a declaration of absolute truth. As a matter of fact, come September 16 in New York City, myself and Claudio Castagnoli, the "Kings of Wrestling" will be holding a pair of titles:  CHIKARA's Campeones de Parejas and the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship.

"How in the hell is that going to happen?", you may ask yourself.  I can understand your curiosity, but it's quite simple really.  I'm going to humor you and explain to you folks why things are falling into place the way they are. 

Claudio and myself are former CZW tag team champions and this past February we defeated Skayde and Milano Collection AT in the finals of CHIKARA's Tag World Grand Prix. By doing so we become the first ever Campeones de Parejas (tag team champions, you morons).  However, in the six months following that victory, we've only managed one defense.  Why is that?  Well, here at CHIKARA, to get a shot at the gold, you need to amass three consecutive victories.  You get a point for each victory and if you lose, your point total goes back to zero.  Three points equals a title shot. Thus far, only one team has been able to accumulate those three precious points. 

This is unacceptable.  We are not paper champions.  We don't wear the belts for decoration.  We are the hottest and BEST tag team of the last decade and we intend on proving it. 

We contacted CHIKARA's "Director of Fun", Leonard F. Chikarason and he managed to pull some strings.  You know those open contracts that Austin Aries and Roderick Strong have floating around? Well, through the CHIKARA front office, good ol' Leonard acquired one said contracts and delivered it to Claudio and myself. Like I said before, it was quite simple and it'll also be quite simple come September. Aries and Roddy are no match for Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli.

The Kings of Wrestling are the next Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions.

September 16. New York City.


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